We connect
investors to
deal flow globally

about us

MKC Advisor is a boutique merchant banking firm.

We connect investors with hard-to-access proprietary companies or funds. Our core competency is providing large-scale business development services to help companies grow, including strategic partnerships, capital formation, and exits.

Michael K Clifford

The problem we help solve is growth. MKC Advisor is differentiated by our people, relationships, and experience; all of which are core to how we operate. MKC is a Trusted Advisor from beginning to end.


We do not know everything - but we do know somebody that does!

MKC is built on reputation and experience. Our operating track record, deep relationships, and actionable advice provide us distinct advantages as advisors that are not easily accessible or replicable. Furthermore, these characteristics are validated by three successful startups and best performing IPOs.

Our philosophy
The business world
is undergoing an
unprecedented transformation.

Changes that once occurred over months and years now take place at the speed of thought, and this pace is only expected to accelerate. “Pivot” is the new business plan. Our mission is to provide insight and introductions that are conducive to this ever-changing environment, with an emphasis on objectivity, integrity, and prevention of shareholder dilution. In this new reality, those who have truly differentiated offerings will be in a position to distinguish themselves from the rest of the market and thrive.

What if we provide more than capital to CEOs or funds?

Through our decades of experience, we are able to leverage a wide array of relationships and expertise to provide relevant introductions and strategies.

What if you got more than advice?

Expect guidance that is customized to fit investor profiles, designed to increase specific company or fund metrics, and ultimately actionable to make for a disciplined and focused execution.

What if we can make difference?

We offer an entrepreneurial approach to scaling an enterprise, which in turn serves as a catalyst to bring the right players on board. We deploy our competitive advantages of relationships, experience, and actionable advisory across these three principal businesses: money, management & marketing.

Our business: Access to the deepest pools of global capital.

*Please note: we are additive to your traditional capital raising efforts, not exclusive.